Name: Shantel Mercado
Major: New Media Technology
Internship Site: Holiday Inn Laguardia
Location: Hotel / Home

Holliday Inn LaGuardia Airports Mission Statement

The Holiday Inn LaGuardia Airport strives to exceed guest expectations, in term of quality, product and services by working together in all the departments. We focus maximum guest satisfaction competitive in the market place, maximum revenue for all owners.

Learning Objective

My goal of my entire internship experience is to better myself in different ways but also to give my name more importance. I want to learn how to give better customer service in the business world if I do plan being a freelance graphic designer. Learning good customer service can help me with selling my art. An example being If someone is persuasive enough they can sell you anything which is done at Hotels but with rooms and food. I also want to learn more about business emails and how to write professional emails. I hope to learn the ups and downs about being a graphic designer. I hope that the professional places that I have worked at and interned at make other businesses in the future take me seriously and more likely to hire me in the ladder of success that I’m attempting to climb.

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Internship Responsibilities
1.Organizing Files
2.Setting up dates for future holidays and events
3.Updating Documents with modern day information
4.Assisting with market research
5.Competitive analysis
6.Participating in projects related to hotel sales & marketing plan
7.Reviewing Social Media pages of hotel & competition
8.Expanding Social Media presence
9.Working on team projects
10.Overview of hotel operations, various department responsibilities

Proud of
I’m proud to have had the opportunity to work with Holiday Inn. With all the jobs on my resume that I have had I think the Holiday Inn is one of the sites that will give me instant recognition. For future employers it will show that I’m able to adapt to new environments I’m not too familiar with. I’m also proud that I did an online class; it’s pretty hard for me to understand what is going on without a teacher explaining to me. I didn’t even know it was online until my teacher told me, if I knew it was I probably would have never selected it but I’m glad I did. It was truly a difference experience.

Next Steps
My next steps are to continue on my path of graphic design after this experience. I don’t know if I’ll be anything like Pixar but hopefully by the time I reach that age and since technology is always modernizing they’ll be something out there for me to show my true abilities.

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Interview with Marie Shea

1.How would you describe your growth as a sales & marketing director?

Progressive! I’ve learned from everyone I’ve worked with as it’s an evolving diverse position. After many years in the industry there are still new ways to learn how to do daily tasks – social media has been a huge learning curve as has been working with different generations – baby boomers to millennials – I stay interested and am Always open to learning – I also analyze why I lose business (competitor, rate, etc) and use my knowledge to have success next time around

2.What motivates you to generate revenue for your employers?

Loyalty! And I just love my job – I’m at my best when I consult with clients – and make the best deal for all – plus I meet interesting people all the time -!

3. How much revenue is expected from you to generate for the fourth quarter? (September, October, November, December)

Over 4 million

4.What are your plans to obtain those goals?

Maintain accounts so as not to lose them to competitors, research events and solicit related accounts, fill need dates, promotions, and to secure steady business i.e.: another crew!

5.How have you managed to adjust to the changes that time has brought to your career?

Again, its being interested in the big picture – the industry, my product, my market my coworkers and my clients! Then I need to be flexible!

Narrative #1
The Holiday Inn LaGuardia is a well-known hotel. I assume they accepted me to give the hotel more creativity because that’s where I lead more towards in my major of New Media Technology.
This being the first internship I was ever a part of and also starting late due to my other summer classes being dropped I felt left out at first. The other interns at the hotel with hospitality as their major feeling at home; yet here I am for creativity yet there was nothing to add creativity to. They didn’t really know where to put me but after breaking the ice the interns helped one another. My first day I just got a real simple tour of the hotel just so I can tell the customers where everything is located. I also was behind the front desk and was taught how to make keys for the hotel guest rooms by a fellow intern named Genesis. After that there was a huge thunderstorm that happened and I had to let the employees take over the front desk because at least 7 or more flights were canceled. Long lines of Pilots, Flight Attendants and other staff all waiting for their rooms later to find out the storm would be over in 20 minutes.
The goal of my internship experience is to be so good at what I do for the hotel that I’m referred. I want to learn how to give better customer service in the business world if I do plan being a freelance graphic designer. The Importance of learning good customer service can help me with selling my products. If one is great with customers one can sell anything, which is done at Hotels but with rooms and food or sometimes even the hotel itself. I also want to learn more about business emails and how to write professional emails. I want to learn the pros and cons about being a freelance graphic designer. I have hope that this experience will be one of those keystones in time that I look back upon that I can say I actually learned from. My workplace expectations are similar to the ones at school such as to treat the place and those around you with respect, come in on time, and do the work that you are told to do. The tasks that were assigned during my first week were to make keys for the hotel bedrooms, check the ranks of the hotels competitors and to follow other businesses that might be beneficial to the hotel on social media.

Narrative #2

During the time I spent at The Holiday Inn LaGuardia, my boss was very busy so there was not really much to talk about. There was assigned tasks and we had to get them done. She told the interns what she wanted us to do and how she wanted them done. We weren’t too sure who was the best at what but it as long as they were done the way she wanted them to be then that’s what mattered. Throughout the Hotel you can tell they employees have respect for each other or at least have known one another for years by. They were all very friendly. The director of the front desk Ivonne Gonzalez baked a cake and brought it for the staff, which showed the kind side of her. I feel they all stood on common ground the only problems that happened are when the interns received the news about the hotel being sold. Everything seemed to be getting chaotic. You could tell people were worried about losing their job. Our boss had us still doing our assignments but there were many things still to be asked about them. While she was having meeting after meeting then on the phone or at lunch and you being an intern neither do you want to be annoying so one doesn’t really know what to do in moments like that. You want to ask a lot of questions and have no one to ask so you simply just find out on your own. She did reply to my emails whenever she did get the chance, which was considerate of her. Although I did do as much assigned tasks that I felt were possible I wish I could have done more. That was truly the only lack of communication if all the stress wouldn’t have been going on I think it honestly would have happened differently. This experience will teach me how to handle these situations or similar ones in the future because nothing is going to be perfect shape, way or form.

Narrative #3

With this internship I feel like I didn’t really learn anything too crazy but maybe that’s because I’m young. I feel that maybe in the future something I learned today may benefit me in the future. I know that I don’t want to do hospitality as a major but that was something I knew from the beginning. I think it made my skills Microsoft office better that’s for sure. I want to continue doing graphics design maybe I can do their logo one day because now I have a connection with them but hospitality is where I’m trying to stay away from. I also do not want to be a software developer or a coder. I want to be able to maybe make movies with my illustrations on the computer or be able to put them on clothing. Others may consider coding an art but I want mine to actually be visual. When I saw the words “software developers” on the book I just thought to myself what am I getting myself into?
When it comes to the hotel world I learned how to make a key for the rooms on a computer, How business benefit from one another, the amenities of a hotel meaning the desires that a customer might want, what is a factsheet, how many people aren’t in on modern technology and about a hotels SWOT analysis meaning (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). In other terms it has shown me how easily I work with others and how quickly I’m not afraid to share my ideas. It also has shown me how difficult it is for me to put my thoughts on paper but it shows me what I need to work on for the future. Another thing I’ve learned is about consistent competition, the hotel has competitors up the street, down the block and around the corner all in ones ear telling future customers why one should choose them. If I’m trying to sell my art, product or brand that same competition will be against me.
My parents both have worked in Hotels and Restaurants so I’ve been to behind the front desks, and things back entrances and to see how things get ran behind the scenes so that wasn’t really nothing new to me. One thing that I found that was pretty cool was that I thought all Holiday Inns were owned by one person but they aren’t one can just use the name just like restaurants so they can already have a targeted audience. An example being a McDonalds in Queens can have a different owner then the one in Brooklyn. I do appreciate all that I learned from this experience though, whether it being a little or a lot because just cause I know it doesn’t mean the next person does.